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  • AFGE Local 1858
    Building 3202
    Redstone Arsenal, AL

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    Visit AFGE National Site
    Visit AFGE National Site
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    Welcome to AFGE Local 1858
    Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

    Why You Should Join AFGE Local 1858

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    1. AWS
    2. 4-10's
    3. Fair procedures for promotion selections
    4. Ability to challenge any action by the agency
    5. Input into changes affecting our work environment
    6. Ability to stop harmful changes like NSPS
    7. Ability to bargain (over anything)
    8. Our only true employee advocate

      Whether you agree or disagree with all of the actions that the Union takes, you need to join AFGE to make sure that you don't lose this vital tool. After all, who will you turn to for help if we are not here? Call 489-8430 or email us at: afgelocal1858@knology.net
    Redstone Arsenal, Alabama - Roll Tide

    AFGE Local 1858 wins case before the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA)

    On Friday, April 27, 2012, AFGE Local 1858 received word that it had won a case before the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) dealing with the negotiability of a proposal on Hazardous Duty Pay (HDP). Vicki Fuller, AFGE�s Labor Relations Officer and Don Eiermann, former Local President, represented employees from the Redstone Test Command (RTC) along with AFGE Asst. Vice Presidents Wade Sanders and Donya Stewart.

    RTC attempted to unilaterally change the threshold for determining when employees would receive HDP for performing duties that contained a certain level of risk. The Union argued that such changes were subject to negotiations. RTC, along with Department of the Army, G-1, refused to bargain on the premise that the Union�s proposal was contrary to government wide regulation and contrary to law.

    The FLRA ruled on the side of the Union. Now, RTC must meet and negotiate over its proposed changes and must continue to maintain the status quo until it fulfills all bargaining obligations. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, both sides may appeal to the Federal Services Impasses Panel (FSIP) for a ruling. More to follow���.

    Attention PEO Missiles and Space (PEO-MS) Employees

    The Union is suggesting that the employees of the Program Executive Office Missiles and Space (PEO-MS) not respond to the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Project Office Climate Survey, dated March 12, 2012. Even though management has stated this survey is anonymous, it really is not. If the survey is answered by certain employees in the Project Office, management will know who he/she is. The survey is asking if an employee has filed a complaint, in other words a grievance.


    AFGE Local 1858 will sponsor a special event at the Embassy Suites, 10th floor Mayors Suite, Tuesday 16 July 2013 from 6:00-8:00 pm. The AFGE National Secretary-Treasurer will be hosting the event. The event will replace the picnic that was orginally scheduled for Thursday, 18 July 2013. There will be plenty of food to include barbecued ribs, chicken and fixings. Please plan to attend and welcome out Secretary-Treasurer's first visit to Redstone Arsenal. Also, AFGE Local 1858 will be sponsoring a Furlough Workshop again on Thursday, 18 July 2013 in Bldg. 5302 (Executive Dining Room, 1st Floor) from 1000-1400 hrs. These workshops will be conducted by Mr. Jerald Norris, Nat'l Representative. Lunch will be provided.  

    Abner Merriweather, President AFGE Local 1858

    AFGE Local 1858 Membership Meeting

    AFGE Local 1858's next Membership Meeting will be held Monday, August 12, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. in building 3202 Mauler Road. 

    Abner Merriweather, President AFGE Local 1858

    Employees and Local 1858 wins big at MSPB

    On Friday, March 2, 2012, AFGE Local 1858 won a precedent setting case involving the Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) for two of our Garrison Redstone Military Police Investigation (MPI) employees. A third employee has a separate case that is now moving forward using the precedence just established. Vicki Fuller, AFGE�s Labor Relations Officer and Don Eiermann, former Local President, represented the employees in separate but similar cases where the LEAP supplement was inappropriately taken away from the complainants. The employees had won two decisions at the MSPB regional level, but Garrison Redstone appealed the latest ruling to the full board of MSPB in Washington D.C. Case precedence on the subject of LEAP was scarce, especially on defining when LEAP could be taken away from an otherwise eligible criminal investigator. With the decision provided in 2012-MSPB-24, there is now a clear legal definition available not only to the U.S. Army, but all federal agencies who have investigators receiving the LEAP supplement. This is a major victory for the Local.

    Read More

    The monthly AFGE Local 1858 Membership Meeting with be held Monday, August 12, 2013, 5:00 p.m., building 3202 Mauler Road (union office).

    Download the 2012 Federal Employee Pay Period Calendar.



    Join AFGE
    Attention Local 1858 Members. Please send the below letter to our Congressmen!

    Dear __________________

    I am requesting that you do NOT support any initiative that would negatively impact my federal employment such as pay freezing, downsizing of the federal agencies, furloughs, reduction in health care benefits, change in retirement computations, etc� Furthermore, I ask that you rigorously oppose any measure that would negatively impact the ability of my Union to represent me (for example, the measure that would take away official time, H.R. 122).

    I sought employment with my agency out of a desire to serve the public interest and help defend our nation�s freedoms. I knew coming into the government that I would not be afforded an opportunity to make the income that would be attainable in the private sector, but job stability, benefits, and a good retirement help offset that financial limitation. Now the benefits of public service are in jeopardy and the Unions that help keep a balance are under attack.

    I know there are challenges facing our Nation, but placing the burden on the backs of federal employees is not fair nor will it solve the problems. In fact, the public receives a far greater return on investment from civil service than they would from private sector contractors if they were hired to do the same functions.

    As a voting member of your constituency, I ask that you support my request and acknowledge that support in a letter back to me. I will be watching your voting record on these matters and hope that you represent my interests in these matters on Capitol Hill.




    Download Letter (doc)    Download Letter (txt)    Click here for Congressmen Addresses.

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    How to Join AFGE
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